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Duration : 2 Days / 9.00a.m. – 5.00p.m.

Microsoft Office Online Interactive Hands-On with Live Microsoft Certified Instructor

  • Our online learning is with hands on and live Microsoft certified excel instructor
  • We provide post support
  • We provide pre and post assessment
  • We can deliver in 3 major languages
  • We can deliver in different online platforms
  • We have up to 50 titles you can pick and choose

Microsoft Office Online Interactive Hands-On with Live Microsoft Certified Instructor

Excel for Human Resource Professionals-Building Your HR Dashboard Reports
In a matter of just 6 hours, HR practitioners learn the tips they need to save time to resolve everyday problem in terms of employee compensation, wages, leave, benefits, and so on. In this practical training, learners will learn strategies to convert data from various sources and how to make best use of the most relevant HR formulae.
Mastering Vlookup, Match & Index Intro
Useful if you have huge data in different worksheets/files and need to do a lookup or matching of the data that you are looking for in a faster way.
Analyzing Data with PivotTable, Slicer and PivotCharts
A pivot table is a data summarization tool that is used in the context of data processing. Pivot tables are used to sumarize, sort, reorganize, group, count, total or overage data stored in a database.

Our Signature & Popular Microsoft Excel Programmes

Practical Uses of Microsft Excel
Practical & useful tips to save time in excel spreadsheet. Create Charts, Works with Formulas & Functions, Filtering, Remove Duplications, Pivot Table, Logical and Lookup function.
Microsoft Excel Preparing Interactive Report & Analysis
Understand what is Dashboard. Conduct Analysis using Historical Data, Clean Data & complete Analysis Report in shorter time. Build fast Statistical & Interactive Report. Manage Database & Search information quickly.
Microsoft Excel Pivot Table
Create & use Pivot Table. Use Slicers to Filter Report. Update Data Source, Group, Filter & Sort Data within Pivot Table. Use Fields, Item & Sets, Create Pivot Chart.

New Programmes! Handle Your Huge Amount of Data

Data Transformation & Reshaping with Power Query
Clean & Reshaping data (Repetitively) in daily job to get data in right form so that Pivot Table able to summarize. Clean, Trim, Vlookup, Remove Columns, Clear Rows & Change Format.
Mastering Data Presentation & Visualization (Power Pivot)
Understand capability. of Power Pivot Supercharge your Excel into owning super power to analyst more than a million rows of data. Improved data summarization and cross-tabulation as well as expanded data capacity and advanced calculations.
Microsoft Power BI
Transform your company’s data into rich visuals for you to monitor your business & get answer quickly with dashboard. Create interactive reports using large set of visualization available in Power BI Desktop.

Present your Data with Microsoft PowerPoint Programmes

Infographics- Transform your PowerPoint Slides to ENGAGE your Audience.
Change Page Dimensions, Research for Stock Infographic Elements, Create own Infographic Shapes, Formatting PowerPoint Icon, Text Box, Insert Chart, Export your Infographic.
Impactful Presentation Using Microsoft PowerPoint
Create impressive presentations using templates and Move beyond default PowerPoint templates. Changing Themes & Colors. Manipulate & Group Shapes. Infographics & Media, Charts, Audio,Video, Deliver Presentation.
Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced
Diagrams and Charts in PowerPoint, PowerPoint Video & Audio, PowerPoint Animation, Linking & Embedding in PowerPoint, Hyperlinks, Merge, Compare & Exporting, Create Slide Shows, Share Presentation.

Microsoft Office Online Interactive Hands-On with Live Instructor

Speed Up Your Skills in Microsoft Excel

Online Excel Hands On

Trained By Microsoft Excel Certified Experts

Microsoft Excel, Word, Project & Access Programmes
from Beginner to Expert Level

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The training was different from others and the way it was conducted differently.
good refresh of memories and it reminded me few techniques that can be used again.
I love the power Pivot features and how fast I can analyse my data.
Learning the formulas in excel allows me to finish my work faster.
I was impressed in MS Excel that I can make my presentation of my data more impressive to my bosses!
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(Business Development Manager)
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